behraz raphael ghobadloo | director

Behraz Raphael Ghobadloo was born in Berlin, Germany to an Iranian father and a German mother. Early on in his life he experienced the gap between the two cultures, which was to become a key theme in all his fictional work. 

He spent much of his childhood in front of the camera, acting in German films from the age of four up until around 15, until he decided to take a break and just enjoy being a teenager. Shortly after his Highschool Diploma he decided to pursue a career behind the camera and started working on professional sets in various departments until he began studying directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. 

Throughout his studies he began focusing on his actors and came up with unique methods to enhance their performances. After graduating in 2021 he has specialised on directing commercials and fictional projects with a clear emphasis on the talents performance. He also works as a coach for actors and is currently based in Berlin, Germany.